2020 Training Retreat  -  Cycling, Running, Swimming, Yoga & Recovery

The best and obvious things about our training retreats are you have more time to train, learn new skills and something often overlooked is you have more time to rest. Without work, kids, and the other demands of normal life, you can spend most of your time off recovering. And recovery time is when the adaptations from your training really occur. 


What we offer is structured training whatever your sport on beautiful Mediterranean islands Crete and Sicily with great mountains, low traffic roads and perfect climates.

For 2020 with the pandemic curtailing the season we are focusing on our Crete retreat. 


Amazing scenery is everywhere, twisting tarmac rising up from the Sea, shimmering beaches, sun dappled villages with shady Tavernas. Our retreats have an abundance of these hidden treasures and all you have to do to discover them is bring yourself.

2020 - Crete  

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