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We all know competing in the sports we love takes time and dedication. Whatever your level, training eats into your life, so you want to be sure that the things you’re doing will maximise your performance come event/race day.

You need to have total confidence that your coach knows exactly what they’re talking about; that the programme

they set is right for you, that it’s achievable within your lifestyle constraints, and that everything they ask of you is based on experience and science to improve performance. 

With UCANFITNESS you can be sure of all these things. Because we’ve been there ourselves.

Monthly Fully Customised Programmes: From £120.00 per month

For the client seeking the ultimate programme tailored to their needs.

Every week, we send you a bespoke programme designed specifically to achieve your goals and fit in with your personal/professional commitments and your event schedule. We will make it work for you.

We also offer race-specific plans and one-to-one coaching.

Here are some of the benefits of ucanfitness:


Specific training goals / Swim sessions and drills / Bike sessions on the road and turbo


Running sessions on the track, road and treadmill / Strength & conditioning


Race preparation and tactics / Nutritional advice via Hanutri

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