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Custom Bike Builds.

There comes a time in the life of every cyclist when they have enough experience to form strong opinions on the bike they use. At this point, they are ready to consider a custom bike where every part is handpicked to satisfy their needs and desires. It can be a daunting proposition, but all of the extra time and effort will be rewarded with an immensely satisfying bike.


The greatest strength and appeal of custom-building a bike is that you are in charge of every aspect, starting with the goals and priorities for the build. For some, it might be embracing the latest technology and/or aerodynamics; others may choose to concentrate on weight, specific colours, or replicating a team bike. 


The logical starting point for any build is the frameset. As the core of the bike, it provides a template to guide the build. There are no standards for many parts of a bike, just a discrete number of options with very little redundancy, and thus, it is far easier to pick parts to match the specifications of a frameset rather than the other way around.


Road bikes have become more diverse in recent years, giving rise to specialised designs that have been honed for aerodynamics, comfort, mixed surfaces, and dedicated off-road riding. At the same time, the introduction of electronic shifting, disc brakes, and 1x transmissions has resulted in a variety of dedicated fittings with very little redundancy or interchangeability.


Whatever your desires or type of riding we use our expertise to provide a bike that suits you, your personality, your riding style and aesthetic sensibility.

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