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Techno it's not about the music!

Technology is rapidly changing sports similarly to any other field. Let’s look at how technology can help our clients to reach their maximum potential, while keeping in mind how important it is to preserve the fun and happiness sport brings in people’s lives.

Technology became gradually part of our life, so it is normal that sports also started to exploit its possibilities. Technology can boost talent, health management as well as coaching – the three factors which matter in sport.

Preventive Genomics

No matter, whether we talk about cycling, swimming or running the number one factor in sports is talent, alongside talent the possibility of making the most of your genetic gifts is now less hit and miss. Whether you have it in your genes or not what if science can help in telling you what kind of sports should you try based on your genes? What if they tell you how should you change your work-out or your overall training plan in order to prevent injury? Or what kind of nutritional demands do you have?

It is already possible. there is an ever increasing number of companies aiming to use collected DNA information to improve performance, health and recovery of athletes. These genetic tests could reveal additional insight from a heightened risk of injury and specific nutritional demands. These results allow coaches of clients to adjust their workout plan and nutrition accordingly.

Finding the best diet with Nutrigenomics

If you want to be the best you can be in your chosen sport the following steps might help you with the training. After having your DNA sequenced and an appropriate training program recommended, a smart nutritionist eg: Hanutri could let you know which food you should eat, when you should eat it and what you should avoid at all cost.

A well-composed diet plan is crucial for athletes. As we are all genetically different, our diet should be personalised. Nutrigenomics aims to do exactly that.

Hanutri plans to use genetic markers to identify the ideal meal for each of their customers, and send that information directly to them. After completing a specified “metabolic challenge” the client provides a series of body metrics, detailed analysis then leads to a personalised meal plan of foods that works best for the clients body. The spread of nutrigenomics could be of huge help for athletes to find the right diet boosting their performance to reach new records.

Health management with sensors and wearables

Beyond nutrigenomics there are an ever increasing number of wearables which might aid your training, keep you healthy while bring out the best of you. Such devices let us measure data about our health, as well as receive immediate feedback about how we are performing. Data provides the basic element of systemic change as well, since you cannot have a long-lasting impact on anything without knowing what’s going on. So, if you do not understand why your performance in any sport is lower than you expected, start collecting your data.

I’ve been quantifying my health since 1997, first on paper, then with more and more sensors. It helps me live healthily and fit, but imagine what you could achieve by using a professional coach whose detailed analysis of your date could effectively improve your technique, consistency, energy, and most importantly recovery. Below have I detailed two of my current favourite pieces of sports tech.

Halo Neuroscience

Halo Neuroscience – the company behind the neuro-stimulator headset – claims that what this device does is essentially add extra stimulation to your motor cortex during training to improve the brain’s plasticity (its flexibility to react). That is said to help your brain more efficiently control repetitive & precise muscle movement, reacting more quickly with less effort for claims of improving power, endurance, and muscle precision.

While to the sceptic that may sound like psuedo science, the idea of ‘neuropriming’ during training seems to be enough of a draw to convince both Michael Johnson and his Performance Center in Texas and USA Cycling and many other professional sport bodies and athletes to take advantage.

The headset is used for 20 minutes before a workout, while warming up, and the neuroplastic state lasts for about an hour afterwards. When the device is on, it creates an itchy feeling in the scalp. That feeling can be increased or decreased by adjusting the amplitude setting on the headset, connected via Bluetooth to an iOS device.

Key to getting the most out of Halo is having a well-structured training program, including gym sessions that are likely better suited to neuropriming during warm up and focused exercises and goals during the actual workout. For information on a sampler session please get in touch.


Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) is a technology that has been used in the medical industry for rehabilitation and recovery by physiotherapists for over 30 years, however in more recent years the value of EMS in a dedicated sports application has been proven by Olympic athletes and trail runners including Salomon’s Killian Jornet and Emile Forsberg.

EMS works by replicating the natural muscle contraction by electrical stimulation disseminated by conductive electrodes placed on the body. EMS has many sporting applications such as strength training, power, endurance, muscle hypotrophy, recovery, pain management and more.

After years of using the Compex SP 8.0 I can definitely give testimony to the advantages as a recovery/rehabilitation tool alone, I wake up fresher and then get that extra bit out of my hard training sessions. The programs are well set up and are effective at reducing soreness and promoting muscle recovery by increasing blood flow and blocking pain.

The other major advantage of the Compex is that I can fit it around my hectic life. In my busy schedule recovery is usually the first thing to go out the window when time runs out, but with the Compex I have found I can achieve effective training recovery after everything is done while I watch TV and relax at night.

There is no denying that the EMS provided by Compex can be a valuable addition to an effective training program and we use the device extensively during our Training Camps for additional recovery effect.

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